The Principalities of Glantri

Description: This forested and mountainous northern land is a magocracy, a land ruled by magic-users. Clerics are outlawed (they’re sentenced to death when found).
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Glantri is divided into many principalities, each of which has its own ruler and laws:
Aalban is famous for the machines and devices its craftsmen make.
Belcadiz is home to elves who are famous for their metalwork and their fine black lace; the elves in this nation live more like humans than elves, dwelling in fine houses and cities rather than sylvan communities.
Bergdhoven is famous for its flowers (and the dyes and perfumes which come from them), its cheeses, and its jewellery and gem cutters.
Blackhill is best-known for the quantity of its fruits and vegetables, and for the coal mined here.
Boldavia is a major supplier of salt (mined by convicts and slaves) and ice (shipped hastily to Glantri City and other places).
Caurenze is best known for its graceful marble architecture, and for its gold mines and fine weaponry.
Erewan is a land of more traditional sylvan elves, who are fine bowyers, woodworkers, and artists.
Klantyre is a major supplier of wool and mutton, lumber, and heavy woodwork.
Krondahar is a producer of silk and leather goods, fine beef, and yogurt.
New Averoigne is best-known for its wines and the culinary arts.

Ruler: The “ruler” of Glantri is actually a council of ten wizard-princes ruling a very efficient bureaucracy. The government needs to be efficient; the rulers like to plot against one another, but do not like the basic work of rulership.
All rulers in Glantri are wizards; usually human or elven; those who cannot cast spells cannot rule.
The ruling princes include: Aalban—Prince Jaggar von Drachenfels (human); Belcadiz— Princess Carnelia de Fedorias y Belcadiz (elf); Bergdhoven—Prince Vanserie Vlaardoen XI (human); Blackhill—Prince Volospin Aendyr (human); Boldavia—Prince Morphail Gorevitch- Woszlany (human); Caurenze— Prince Innocenti di Malapietra (human); Erewan— Princess Carlotina Erewan (elf); Klantyre—Prince Brannart McGregor (human); Krondahar—Prince Jherek Virayana IV (human); New Averoigne—Prince Etienne d’Ambreville (human).

Population: The population is a blend of many ancient cultures, including very urban elves, descendants of Alphatians, Thyatian colonists, Traladarans, and even lycanthropes and vampires.

Glantri City: The capital of this nation, where the great college of magic is built, lies in a lush valley where two rivers meet. The city is crisscrossed both with roads and canals. It is a very sophisticated community, where magic lights the streets, where gondolas and hansom cabs convey passengers from point to point, and where every luxury imaginable is available.

Adventure Opportunities: With the great college of magic at hand to provide accidental monsters, new spells, and unintended portals into new worlds, there is a steady supply of adventure opportunity here.


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