Mirimë Palarran


High Elf
Tempest Cleric (lv 2) devoted to Protius
30ft speed
17 hp max


Having lost her family in a storm at sea at a young age, Mirimë spent her early life in a temple of Calither Starbrow, attempting to understand the force that had had such an impact on her childhood. Over the years, she grew dissatisfied with the kindly, benevolent image of the sea that Calither represented and took the chance to leave the temple when her oldest friend, Erulissë, got into a . . . sticky situation. (Those candlesticks fell into her bag. Honest.) As they travelled around the known world, Mirimë came to follow Protius, who embodies her respect for personal freedom, and her complex relationship with the sea.
Mirimë is devoted to Protius and spreading his grandeur, but more than anything she is committed to preserving her independence. She is a benevolent character and eager to help strangers, yet not at the expense of herself or her allies.

Mirimë Palarran

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