Darokin, the Kingdom of Gold, (or the Land of Leftovers) is the largest country in the Known World. It is a nation of merchants and traders, best known for their shrewd business sense. Darokin claims to be a peaceful nation, but it faces troublesome orcs and other humanoid aggressors around its borders, especially to the north near the Broken Lands, and many monsters in its wilder areas. Darokin completely surrounds the elven kingdom of Alfheim and is bordered by Sind to the west, Glantri to the north west, the Broken Lands and Ethengar to the north, Rockhome and Ylaruam to the east, Karameikos and the Five Shires to the south and the only bit of ocean coastline bordering the Malphegi Swamp.

Darokin is defined as a republic (and older maps list it as so). Actually, it is a plutocracy, where money is king and the golden rule (“he who has the gold, makes the rules”) is the law of the land. Corwyn Mauntea, great grand-son of the first ‘Merchant King’, is the head of the country (and of one of its foremost merchant houses).
Whilst the Heartlands are strictly controlled by a codified system of laws, the Borderlands are wilder, less settled places, ruled by individual magistrates.

The common tongue of Darokin is Thyatian (with their own dialect), but most tongues can be heard within the borders.

In keeping with its polyglot nature, most known religions are recognised in Darokin. The state Religion is the Church of Darokin, which honours many Immortals, especially Asterius (Trade and negotiation) and Koriys (Peace).

The Darokinian gold piece is called the daro, its silver piece a tendrid, and its copper piece a passim. Darokin also mints a less common electrum piece called a half-daro.

Agriculture, fishing, mercantile trade. The Darokinians are also known for their diplomatic ability, especially through the actions of the Darokin Diplomatic Corps.

Darokin encompasses bits of land not claimed by other lands, and therefore sprawls over most of the vast country-side. The heartland of the nation is the vast and fertile Streel Plain. The plain borders the mighty Lake Amsorak. The nation is hemmed in by mountain ranges, including the Amsorak Mountains and teh Silver Sierras to the north, the Dwarfgate Mountians to the east, and the Altan Tepes, Black Peak Mountains and Cruth Mountains to the south. the mighty Atruaghin Plateau borders Darokin’s western flank.
Darokin boasts many wealthy cities, such as the capital, Darokin City and the mighty port of Athenos. See settlements of Darokin for more information.

Visitor Information
Darokin’s capital is the central core of a nebulous connection of mercantile cities connected by major roads. It is an active, bustling place, where one can see greedy merchants squabbling over deals and foreign mages practicing cantrips.
As a note to adventurers, the civilized Heartlands are very civilized, while the wild areas, or Borderlands, are very wild.

Things to Remember
Bring money. After transactions, count your gold, your fingers, and your prizes, for Darokinians are not as civilized as the Darokinian Diplomatic Corps would let on. They are every bit as ruthless as their Glantrian neighbours, just nicer about it.


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