The Amsorak Adventurer's Guild

Amsorak Adventurer's Guild
Journey to Brethald

A dwarf, two elves, a human and a halfling walk into a bar . . . no, really. The dwarf offers the others a job – if they can keep up with him.
Having set off, escorting the cart of supplies to Brethald, the conversation between the group flounders
Barely a word is spoken on the second day, until they come across the body of a horse; specifically, the horse of the man who is supposed to be paying them.
Identifying an ambush far faster than the rest of the group would ever give him credit for, Wizzard conjures an apparition of a cart and sends it trundling down the road towards the horse. Sure enough, the image is swiftly set upon by a small group of goblins.
The party soon defeats them, and gains a healthy respect for Brumbjörn’s axes in the process. The remaining goblin is captured and leads them to its layer.
After defeating the paltry guard outside the layer (stopping only to loot their bodies), the party proceed into the dim cavern. The sound of snarling breaks through the quiet lull of the stream that cuts through the dark, rocky floor. Shadows seem to shift, and, when they progress around a corner into a small cavern, the shifting light coalesces into three wolves, tied insecurely to a stalagmite.
Caladhiel soothes the creatures and the cavern is explored and quickly dismissed as empty of anything of any great importance.
Moving further into the cave, Erulissë parts from the group and scales an unsteady scree path, whilst Mirimë wanders in the other direction and disturbs a goblin sentry on a bridge…


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