The Amsorak Adventurer's Guild

Under The Ruins

A brief catch up from the previous session

Following clues from the villagers, and specifically young Carp Alderleaf, the heroes investigate the ruins of Tresendor Manor. One group uncover a stairway down into the old cellars, whilst the others find Carp’s passage leading into a cavernous chamber.

The first group soon realise that the cellar hides secrets; it appears to be abandoned, but that is clearly not the case! A group of Redcloaks are waiting behind a door. They are soon dispatched.
Meanwhile, the second group explore the huge chamber. It seems to have suffered some damage in the past. A chasm splits the floor; bridged at a couple of points, and pillars support the ceiling, some of them bearing torch sconces.
A strange whispering voice seemed to be tempting the heroes, whilst claiming to know their deepest secrets. They took care to avoid it, and explored deeper.
The first group, having cleared a bunk room of Redcloaks (clearly where they lay low when there is trouble in town) then found a secret door. Through it a passageway led to a huge chamber, they were reunited with their companions.
On the far side of the chasm, the heroes found a room where the Redcloaks were relaxing. They were even dicing for some of their ill-gotten gains.


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