The Amsorak Adventurer's Guild

Return to the Ruins

After a quick stay in Brethold to rest up and recover, the party heads straight back to the mansion ruins to get to the bottom of this Red Cloak debacle. They make their way to the crypt and both rogues decide to have a quick look around the now-empty coffins. Caladhiel discovers a box with a bracelet and some gold coins that she shares amongst the party. Erulissë shrugs, having found nothing. (Mirimë is suspicious – she found ‘nothing’ in that chapel back at the monastery, honestly, and look where that got them.)
In the next room is an armoury where the party help themselves to dull, worn red cloaks just incase they’ve need to be more convincing Red Cloaks in the future.
The party heads back to the main room. Brum, chuckling to himself, crosses one of two bridges that span a chasm in the room. As he reaches the other side, Wizz pauses his 90s remix deluxe to light a small pebble and toss it into the chasm. It illuminates a small ravine of perhaps 20 feet. The sides are slick and steep and dark with moss and lichen, but unmistakably illuminated against the far side, a thing clings to the rock. With a single, bulbous eye, it tracks the movement of the pebble and then fixes a malevolent, endless gaze on Wizzard.


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